23 Jun 2017

Recent trip to Cornwall

With the inevitable sketching...So here are some of my moleskine watercolours during our travels in Cornwall

Kynance Cove - Link

Penrose - Link

Mullion Cove - Link

21 Jun 2017

Art work at Arlington

I try to get over to Arlington Court at some point during the week, even if it is just to sketch.  Most times though I manage to set up my easel and do a painting - not always completed there at the time ( as with this one in the pic below ) but it gives me enough information to complete in my home studio.  Amazing how you can absorb the atmosphere by sitting there starting a painting, you remember it all when you are home, just as though you are still there.....isn't art amazing....I know I keep saying amazing, but it so is.

I am constantly seeing new locations to paint at Arlington, and take some photos to remind myself.  

So happy to be the artist in residence at Arlington Court

16 Jun 2017

Our recent holiday in Cornwall....

.....took us on one outing to Godolphin National Trust.  

Surprisingly different from some of the other National Trusts we have been to.  We were lucky to get to visit, as it turned out this is only open one week a month.   Plus if we thought of going there in August it is closed completely as it is rented out for people to stay in.  Yes, actually stay there.  Which explains why I got confused looking around and saw a Mix of old and new together.

Godolphin to stay in - click link

Bathrooms that were modern..

Have to say it was all done very sympathetically and somehow the two different eras worked well together...

I still enjoyed seeing the old styles though

(I used a fisheye view to get more of the rooms in)

this was a spy hole that looked out to the entrance
 they got to see visitors and decide if they would answer the door no doubt

Look carefully and you will see the spy hole

Well worth a visit

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