Sunday, 13 August 2017

Another bike ride

Had a lovely ride on my bicycle today via the old railway line, now a tarmac trail for walkers and bicycles.   There are so many lovely views along the way, but this time I stopped and took a quick photo of this farmhouse...

I felt sure it would end up as a painting, so it wasn't surprising that the first thing I started drawing when I got home was this scene.  Initially was on going to do an ink outline then leave it for another day, but as soon as that dried, I just had to add watercolour.

Here it is on my easel and you'll notice I used artistic license in changing the building from white to rustic....I thought it added a bit more to the painting.

Not completed at this stage.  I'm trying out some new masking tape around the edges, and so far am very pleased with it.

Once I removed the tape, I could look at the painting objectively.  I can see I need to add more details to this.

Although I am currently working a some other artwork - Commission pieces - this painting is allowing me to switch my brain off and give them a break for a day.  I will then go back to my Commission work with fresh eyes.

I've added more detail now...




"The Old Farmhouse"

(Overall size: 12" x 9"    Painting/image size: 10" x 7")

Now on my

ETSY shop (click link to view)


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A bike ride, a walk and some sketching...

CROW POINT & BRAUNTON BURROWS  made for a perfect bike ride.   It follows the estuary and at the Point turns the corner to the open sea.

the bike ride down the private road was an opportunity for me to take some photos.  This definitely needs to be a visit in itself for sketching and some plein air painting.

It didn't take long to ride down to this....

Is it old age, but I couldn't remember the name for those large A-Framed metal things in the field (you can just see them in the pic....then husband said they're called PYLONS...oh yes so they are).

Husband walked William whilst I sketched

although he was a little bit tired when we stopped for our picnic.

Monday, 7 August 2017

New paintings on my shop

Church & Harvest

overall size 10.5 x 7"


And a couple of Miniature ACEO's 

this one is titled: "Country Cottages"

and this Miniature of a Village scene

Paintings move quickly ....
this one is already heading for a new home in the United States.

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